Palekar Bakery has been a household name since decades.

One of India’s best-known brands and also one of the most admired Food Brands. The PALEKAR’S brand is all about eating & leading a better life.Palekar bakery is a company in the Indian Food industry whose product range includes Breads, Bun, Rusk, puff, cookies, Cakes & pastries.

Palekar bakery plays an influential role in the society because of its strong commitment to community, its unwavering sense of responsibility to give back to those who helped it throughout its path to success, and because of a motivation driven by the ideals of family, partnership, and responsibility rather than focussing solely on meeting personal goals. Over the years, Palekar's has grown to become a multi-million company. Many of Palekar's bakery products stand out as the best in their category.

Palekar's was established In India in 1989. Since then, be it a big metropolitan city or a remote village in Maharashtra, the Palekar has been a symbol of quality, health, and exceptional taste! Palekar bakery products are available to consumers residing even in the most remote areas and the smallest of villages in Maharashtra.

In the year 1989, a bakery was incorporated in the Amravati market. Palekar’s was flourishing but more importantly, it was acquiring a undisputable reputation for its quality and value.

With the rise in investments in Indian economy, people’s needs have been greater than before in terms of increased demands for goods and services. Different retail experiences have all contributed toward increasing consumer demand. In this scenario, Palekar bakery has taken full advantage and grown quickly to satisfy increasing consumer needs. As time elapsed, the bakery industry continued to grow and Palekar grew along with it. On the operations front too, the company was making equally dynamic strides.

Today, more than a decade after those tentative first steps, Palekar Bakery's fairy tale is not only going strong but it is also acquiring new standards. The variety of products offered by the company are spread across the spectrum with those ranging from the healthy and economical Delite bread to the more lifestyle-oriented Fub-bun. Genuine achievement in garnering the trust of almost one-third of Maharashtra region and a strong management at the helm means Palekar bakery will continue to dream big on its path towards greater innovation and quality and millions of consumers will continue to savour the results, happily ever after.

With consumer democracy reaching new levels, the one common thread to emerge in recent times has been the shift in lifestyles and a corresponding awareness of health. People are increasingly becoming conscious of dietary care and its correlation to wellness and matching the new pace to their lives with improved nutritional and dietary habits. This new awareness has seen consumers seeking foods that complement their lifestyles while offering convenience, variety and economy, over and above health and nutrition.

Palekar saw the writing “The Taste of Trust” re-position which directly addressed this new trend by promising the new generation a healthy and nutritious alternative - that was also delightful and tasty. Thus, the new logo was born, encapsulating the core essence of Palekar - healthy, nutritious and optimistic and combining it with a delightful product range to offer variety and choice to consumers.

Today, Palekar Bakery enjoys a 40% share of the total bakery market in Vidarbha. The Palekar bakery brands, such as, Delite bread, Roast n Toast, Briny bread, Mini rusk and Fun-bun enjoy a strong imagery and appeal amongst consumers.

Be it a big metropilitan city or a remote village of India, the Palekar name is a symbol of quality, health, and great taste! And yet, we know that constantly innovating and catering to new tastes have built this reputation. This can be seen in the success of its new brands, such as Sweet morn Brown Bread.

In this way, by concentrating on consumer tastes and preferences and emphasizing on research & development, the Palekar brand grows from strength to strength.

Business Statement

We are in the bakery business fulfilling the basic needs of our customers while also catering to their specific requirements..


Our vision is to be the leaders in our business, by maintaining a high standard, quality, and taste of our products and also by striving to maintain our valuable customers' positive attitude towards us.


We will provide high quality food products at reasonable costs by introducing new and innovative products. We will satisfy our customers with better taste at better cost always.

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